Our goal is to listen to our patients and to provide caring and comfortable dental care that is unique and appropriate for each individual.

We are pleased to welcome you to our practice and look forward to working with you.

  • Patty

    Patty has been with the office since 1992. She began as a dental assistant, and is now our office manager and treatment coordinator. Patty spends her free time power-walking with friends, relaxing at yoga, or enjoying a lazy day at the beach with her family. Patty looks forward to building relationships with patients and helping them achieve optimal dental health.

  • Jacqueline

    Jacqueline is our Expanded Function Dental Assistant. She graduated from Harcum College in 2013, and loves helping patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles. She enjoys working with our wonderful team and in a practice that focuses on strong relationships and long-term patient goals. In her free time, Jackie enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, knitting, and spending time with her husband and their puppy.

  • Patricia

    Patricia joined our office in 2011 as a dental assistant with substantial orthodontic assisting experience. Patricia is an avid cook and baker and enjoys reading, and spends her free time gardening and with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

  • Nancy

    Nancy joined our practice with over 30 years of excellent dental hygiene experience in complex restorative cases. She is happy to recommit to an office that values superior dental care and patient relationships and be in a workplace that demonstrates professionalism with a team that is experienced, hardworking, and fun! In her spare time, Nancy enjoys playing tennis, time with her family and grandbabies, and oh yes… eating!

The Office

Our office is designed to make you feel comfortable and welcome while you receive our comprehensive, gentle treatment.

In our office we strive for your comfort and safety.

We have ultrasonic cleaners and autoclave sterilization equipment and we follow strict ADA guidelines for cleaning our instruments.

We use HEPA Allergy Filters throughout our office to help create a clean and healthy environment, removing 99.9% of all dust particles from the atmosphere.

Latex Free materials are used during your visits with Dr. Thakkar. Some people have a serious latex allergy, and exposure to latex products such as latex gloves can cause anaphylactic shock. Dr. Thakkar and her office staff have switched to vinyl gloves that are 100% latex free.

In addition to using latex free gloves, our office is committed to practicing asepsis. All working surfaces are eliminated of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Protecting our patient’s health as well as our own is very important to us. Every means possible will be used to have a clean and safe working environment.

Advanced Dental Technology

Technology in dentistry is constantly advancing. Some procedures have tried-and-true successes that have lasted the test of time; however it is the responsibility of your dentist to address your dental concerns and create appropriate treatment strategies based on state-of-the-are dental technologies. In addition to the care, skill, and knowledge needed to produce world-class dentistry, having the latest in technological tools and materials is a necessity. It is our commitment to provide the latest in technological advancements for our patients.

Itero Element Digital Scanning System

A recent upgrade at our office, the Itero Element is a digital scanning device designed to scan prepared teeth for seamless transmission to laboratories where precision fitting restorations are created. This creates products with markedly less distortion than conventional models. Additionally, our Element technology allows us to maintain records of your teeth indefinitely in a cloud-based back-up for retrieval on-demand and for Invisalign treatment. We are very excited to extend this top quality technique to our patients!

AVADENT Digital Dentures

This changes dentures forever. With AvaDent Digital Dentures, Dr. Thakkar can cut your time in the dentist chair in half! The AvaDent system takes digital records and creates your virtual denture right on the computer. Once the design is perfect, it is precision milled for extreme accuracy and fit. Should you ever lose or damage your denture, we can produce an exact duplicate using the records on file.

In addition to its exceptional fit and esthetics, the AvaDent denture is more bio-hygienic. A patented process reduces the buildup of bacteria which can cause sore spots and “denture breath”.

Dexis DEXcamTM 3

Another highly technical digital tool used by Dr. Thakkar and her hygiene department, is the intraoral digital video camera. The tiny device is a video camera that moves around inside the mouth and records a tooth by tooth video exam. The images can be stored and later enlarged and printed. As it is difficult to see inside your mouth the intraoral camera provides a previously unseen magnified view. The pen-sized camera features a disposable cover to prevent contamination and is completely painless to use. As the camera moves around the mouth it sends video images to a computer which are then displayed on a monitor.

The images can then be viewed by Dr. Thakkar and her patients. Using the intraoral camera allows the patient to understand their needs by seeing what the dentist sees and then having it explained. Since the intraoral camera generates images that are stored, enlarged and analyzed, dental problems can often be caught in their early stages. Once treatment options are discussed and agreed upon, our intraoral camera can be used to effectively track treatment progress. The digital images allow Dr. Thakkar to:

  • Provide a higher standard of care for patients
  • Help detect cavities and fractured teeth
  • Evaluate the condition of existing restorations under high magnification
  • Provide documentation for insurance claims
  • Properly inform and educate patients
  • Visually observe hard to see parts of the mouth
  • Document and to monitor dental problems.

For more information about our high technology intraoral cameras.

Dexis Platinum Sensor Digital X-Ray System

Dexis Platinum Sensor maximizes both patient comfort and ease of use. DEXIS has enhanced its sensor housing design by refining the curvatures, redesigning the cable exit, upgrading the materials, and giving it a slimmer profile.

PerfectSize Sensor

The ability to take vertical AND horizontal bitewings AND all periapicals with a single sensor eliminates the cost and inconvenience of using multiple sensors of different sizes.

Direct USB Connectivity

Image capture and processing electronics have been fully integrated into the sensor itself, replacing the need for a separate adapter or docking station. DEXIS is the first to offer gold plating on the sensor’s USB connector for better durability.

If you have questions about the iTero digital impression system, please contact our office for more information.

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