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Your First Visit

Dr. Thakkar is known to take the time to learn her patients’ needs and expectations to make a difference in their lives. For most new patients, your first visit may begin with an initial consultation with Dr. Thakkar. She believes in listening to understand your long-term goals, your vision for your oral and overall health, and your expectations for your care. Our goal is to make every visit to our office comfortable and positive, and Dr. Thakkar feels she can only do that if she is prepared to provide the highest quality aesthetic, restorative and general dentistry that is appropriate to meet your specific individual needs and desires.

For your convenience and safety, our office has secure online patient access to keep your medical health information up to date. New patients can complete the necessary forms from the link below:

New Patient Questionnaires


After your initial consultation, you will likely receive a comprehensive examination. Think of this as the gathering of information that becomes a dental health baseline. Our comprehensive exam consists of a complete series of digital photo images, x-rays of the teeth and surrounding bone structure, periodontal evaluation, tooth by tooth survey, cavity detection, TMJ and muscle evaluation, oral cancer screening, and blood pressure screening. Additional diagnostics may include mounted and/or digitally scanned models of the teeth to study bite issues, or prescriptions for 3D i-CAT imaging of the jaw and surrounding structures. A complete and thorough examination helps to ensure a dental restoration that’s naturally attractive, functional, comfortable, and long-lasting. Think of these as your dental vital stats, analogous to height, weight, and blood pressure data collection at your physician’s office.


Once we have a mutual goal for your treatment and have properly diagnosed any issues, our office then develops an appropriate strategic plan and timeframe that is fully understood by the patient. Dr. Thakkar and Dr. Swenda are trained to diagnose the needs for all aspects of dentistry, even though we may not treat them all. We will provide you with answers to your questions and the treatment solutions for your dental health concerns.

Payment Options

Comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dental services can be complex and extensive, and we believe our patients should have a complete understanding of the procedures and fees involved. Our office will always inform you of your financial obligations before scheduling treatment.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, cash, and personal checks for your dental care. Payment for service is expected at the time of visit.

For patients with dental insurance, our office provides expert dental claims assistance. For no additional fee, we will electronically prepare and submit all claims to your primary dental insurance who will then directly reimburse you.

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Office Hours

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